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To Doctors

Our experience in Pharmaceuticals over the last few decades has enlightened us to the fact that Doctors, by and large support any effort that is beneficial to the patients. We are sure that the Doctor community will fully support this venture.





Dear Doctor,

During your practice you regularly come across patients who you know cannot afford high costs of medicines. How many times have you wondered which brand costs the lowest and didn’t know where and how to find it? How many times have you experienced patients not completing therapy because they didn’t have enough money? How many times have you wished that you could help and support such patients?

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of ECOMAC - A division of MAC Remedies Pvt. Ltd. ECOMAC is a social enterprise created to provide the most affordable medicines to those that need them.

This project works on the simple principle of minimum sustainable profits. We shall follow a model of reduced marketing costs, appropriate profit margins, goodwill generation, faster product cycles, multi-tasking lean teams and social mobilisation. ECOMAC is a social enterprise where ‘social’ is bigger than ‘enterprise’. It is a small step towards a giant dream.

We bring you an initial range of more than 100 Low M.R.P., extremely affordable products, all of which are commonly prescribed by Doctors which includes Anti-infectives, Analgesics, Anti-Diabetics, Anti-Hypertensives, Anti-allergics, Anti-depressants, Preparations for Cough & Cold, Nutritional Products, etc. in a variety of dosage forms from oral preparations to topical formulations to injectable drugs.

Dear Doctor, as a person who is in constant touch with common people in your community, you may be well aware how much inflation and unemployment have affected people’s lives. You also know that a large number of people prefer to suffer in sickness and pain than spend money on medicines. You will also know that in the choice between food and medicines, food always wins.

We are sure that you actively take up this issue and make a difference in the lives of poor patients in your community and thereby the whole country.

We invite you to be part of this great vision - a vision where you are a very important and significant part. ECOMAC provides you with the opportunity to help your poor customers to initiate and complete their treatment. The best part is that you decide the extent of participation and commitment whether by way of regular prescriptions or involvement on a larger scale. Whatever your level of participation, it will surely contribute to providing much needed solace to the poor of our country.

Once again we invite you to be part of ECOMAC.

Thanking you,
for ECOMAC Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Ratilal Raka
Managing Director






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